Recent Advances on Dynamic Equations


Thursday, October 24

15:15 – Opening

15:30-15:55 – Jan ANDRES “Multiple anti-periodic solutions of implicit differential inclusions on tori”

16:00-16:25 – Martina PAVLAČKOVÁ “Bound sets approach to boundary value problems for differential equations and inclusions”

16:30-16:55 – Valentina TADDEI “An approximation solvability method for semilinear equation in Banach spaces”

17:00-17:30 – coffee break

17:30-17:55 – Valeri OBUKHOVSKII “On optimization of a feedback control system governed by a fractional-order differential inclusion”

18:00-18:25 – Irene BENEDETTI “A weak topology approach for differential inclusions in abstract spaces”

20:00 – Dinner

Friday, October 25

9:30-9:55 – Zuzana DOŠLÁ “Global positive solutions vanishing at infinity for differential equations with indefinite weight”

10:00-10:25 – Andrea CORLI “Nonlinear wavefronts arising in the modeling of collective movements”

10:30-10:55 – Paola RUBBIONI “Nonlinear differential models via topological methods”

11:00-11:30 – coffee break

11:30-11:55 – Maurizio GARRIONE “Some results on traveling fronts for strongly saturating diffusions”

12:00-12:25 – Fabio ZANOLIN “Bound sets for second-order vector differential equations: a panorama of some results”

12:30 – Closing